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✚:Do you have an official diagnosis or diagnoses? What are they?

Depression & Aspergers.

☓:Do you believe in self diagnosis?

to some extent. I think if you have it, you know, and to that extent yes. But some people who don’t quite fully understand may label themselves as bipolar just because they had a mood swing, or depressed when they have a crummy day. But I think if you truly have the condition, you know. you may not know exactly, some conditions are easy to mix up. But there we are.

☯:Are there any disorders or conditions you think you might have that you aren’t diagnosed for?

anxiety. I was diagnosed in hospital and I didn’t really tell them about how I was feeling at all, and being away from the things that made me anxious, the symptoms barely showed and I guess they chalked them up to the depression or the aspergers. And I guess a lot of my anxiety /does/ come from them to be honest. I think the anxiety is their side effect.

Mental Health Community Asks ✚: Do you have an official diagnosis or diagnoses? What are they?
☓: Do you believe in self diagnosis?
☯: Are there any disorders or conditions you think you might have that you aren't diagnosed for?
✞: Do your religion and your mental health have anything to do with one another?
✡: How much do you tell your family about your mental health? How do they feel about it
✤: When were you first diagnosed?
★: Are you currently seeking help from a mental health professional? Do you like them or dislike them?
✱: What's your opinion of the mental health system in your country?
❤: Does your diagnosis/disorder/whathaveyou affect your romantic life at all?
♫: Have you turned to music to help you cope? What's your favorite music for this purpose?
☮: Do you describe your moods or different aspects of your diagnosis with certain terms that other people might not know? Explain.
ø: What are some of the best and worst comments you've gotten in relation to your illness?
✎: How does your illness affect your work or school?
✿: How does being neuroatypical affect your day do day life?
☢: What's your opinion on medication?
☁: What are the hardest and easiest parts of your condition for you?
ϟ: What misconceptions do you see a lot about your condition?
ⓣ: How do you feel about tumblr's view of mental illness?
▼: Do you believe in ableism towards people with mental disabilities?
☠: How serious/significant do you consider your disorder? Why?
♡: How do you feel about people putting their illnesses in their sidebars/freely advertising them?
♋: What's your favorite self care thing to do?


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